Darinka Zobenica

Employment History

Junior C++ Programmer, Ubisoft Belgrade Oct 2021 - Present
Technical Writer, Unstack LLC (stackabuse.com) Apr 2019 - Aug 2021
Unity Developer Intern, Cofa Games Jul 2015 - Aug 2015

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Guided a talented team of artists, designers, and fellow programmers in the creation of a captivating Slavic-inspired point-and-click adventure game, set in a magical medieval forest. Over the course of 6 months, we crafted a 1-hour gameplay experience, rich with encounters with enchanting creatures and protectors. Rooted in Slavic folklore, the game follows the journey of Zorya, our intrepid protagonist. It was an incredible journey, made possible by the dedication of a remarkable team and the invaluable input of friends who aided in testing. I'm immensely grateful for their contributions.

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Project Archive: Coding, Simulations, and More

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Participated in a Ubisoft-sponsored guest course during college, where we crafted a sidescrolling platformer from scratch using a barebones C++ engine over a semester. Working in a team of 3, I focused on developing state machines for movement and animation, implementing parallax background, and contributing to collision mechanics. The game centers around a tiny wizard exploring picturesque natural terrain, acquiring new abilities along the path. Although it's a prototype with roughly 5 minutes of gameplay, it showcases the foundations of a charming and dynamic gaming experience.


Analyzed how optimizing a probability matrix that guides generation of a maze for various factor affects people's perception of the maze itself. Optimized for length of the correct path, number of turns, and length of detours using a genetic algorithm. Found a weak correlation between the chosen factors and people's scores according to results of a self-report survey we held.


An educational simulation of a famous gametheoretical concept made in C++ using Qt. The user can adjust the amount of food in a given simulation, and choose from several strategies submitted to Axelrod's first tournament, set population numbers for each strategy, and watch them battle for dominance.


An analysis of a speed dating dataset from a Colombian experiment to see how traits such as race, income, shared interests, and age differences affect partner choice. Data was analyzed using SPSS Modeler. It turned out that age difference and ethnicity were the best predictors of the dates wishing to see each other again, while income and common interests were less important.

Serbian only.

As a creative outlet, I occasionally delve into pixel art as a hobby. You can find a small collection of my pixel art pieces on my ArtStation profile. I approach this medium with a sense of playfulness and enjoy experimenting.

Educational Endeavours

SGA Empowers 2022

I had the pleasure of participating in SGA Empowers initiative by the Serbian Games Association, representing Ubisoft Belgrade. I gave a talk about the role of programmers in game development and shared my own journey in the industry. The goal was to inspire high school girls to consider careers in gaming. It was a great experience, and I hope it sparked some interest in the next generation of game developers!

Ubisoft's University Course

In 2023, I stepped up once again as a mentor, this time in a guest college course at Faculty of Mathematics of Belgrade University. Alongside a colleague who taught the course and other mentors, I guided students through a semester-long project using a simple open-source game engine. From tackling tech challenges to smoothing out teamwork dynamics, I was there to lend a hand. Discord became our virtual meeting room, ensuring help was just a message away. It was a rewarding experience, helping students bring their ideas to life.

Throughout my college years, I was an active member of Omikron, a student organization closely tied to the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, focusing on IT-related events. Starting as a member of the fundraising team, I gradually took on a leadership role, organizing successful initiatives like JobPrep, a comprehensive career conference, and MatHackathon, a major hackathon event. Progressing to become the Fundraising Team Lead, I guided new members and secured vital sponsorships. As President, I spearheaded a series of impactful events, including MATF Survival Guide and Cubicon, while also representing Omikron at conferences and partnering with other organizations. I'm grateful for the trust and support from the Founders and fellow members, which made these experiences so enriching.


Belgrade, Serbia

GitHub: https://github.com/Mentathiel

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darinkazobenica/

Telegram: https://t.me/Mentathiel