Darinka Zobenica

About Me

My passion for programming stems from its ability to combine logic and creativity in the workflow. Problems are abstract, depend on many variables, and require a logical analysis, but the ideal solution is not always obvious or formulaic.

I'm currently studying at Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade. I've been through an internship I've won at CofaGames during high school and that's what's solidified my resolve to go into this field, as well as some interest in game design and practice in C# in Unity, which was also my introduction to OOP. Throughout college, I've taken an interest in C++, graph theory and algorithms, genetic algorithms, object oriented design principles and patterns, and programming language translation. I'm still unsure about which of my programming interests I want to pursue and open to learning new things as well as deepening my understanding of my current knowledge.

I work the best when I can bounce my ideas off of other people and when I have the additional motivation of their work also depending on me doing my part. I have experience in teamwork and leadership through my work in Omicron student organization, as well as managing teams on personal project and college assignments. I've worked as an FR Manager, Team Lead, and President of Omicron, as a Lead Programmer and Project Manager for the development of Trail, and participated in many college and extracurricular team activities.

I also write Computer Science articles for Stack Abuse which you can find on my Author Page.

Employment History
Mar 2019 - Present Freelance Author, StackAbuse
Jul 2015 - Aug 2015 Game Development Intern, Cofa Games , C#, Unity3D

For a more detailed account of my professional experience, download my resume and check out the projects section.

My Projects

Genetic Maze Generator

Analyzed how optimizing a probability matrix that guides generation of a maze for various factor affects people's perception of the maze itself. Optimized for length of the correct path, number of turns, and length of detours using a genetic algorithm. Found a weak correlation between the chosen factors and people's scores according to results of a self-report survey we held.

Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma Simulation

An educational simulation of a famous gametheoretical concept made in C++ using Qt. The user can adjust the amount of food in a given simulation, and choose from several strategies submitted to Axelrod's first tournament, set population numbers for each strategy, and watch them battle for dominance.

Classification of Speed Dating Data From A Colombian Experiment

An analysis of a speed dating dataset from a Colombian experiment to see how traits such as race, income, shared interests, and age differences affect partner choice. Data was analyzed using SPSS Modeler. It turned out that age difference and ethnicity were the best predictors of the dates wishing to see each other again, while income and common interests were less important.


Participated as a part of a team in SGA's initiative, our team was assigned Nordeus to mentor us while building a publishable game in five months. Managed a team of ten artists and programmers, as well as acted as Lead Programmer. Made about an hour long point and click game in Adventure Game Studio.


My College Papers

Extracurricular Activities

Omicron Student's Organization

Positions: FR Manager, FR Team Leader, President

Projects: MatHackathon, JobPrep, MATF Survival Guide, Cubicon, WATFOI2019, helped the faculty organize MATF++ and IT@MATF

Responsibilities: Keeping in touch with partners and friends of the organization, securing funds for projects, managing and mentoring the FR team, managing the Board, taking notes, keeping records, dealing with paperwork and finances.

Omicron Web Page (Serbian)

GameDevIncubator Attendee

Serbian Games Association organized a month long series of weekend workshops on game development. The workshops covered programming (front and backend), art, marketing, project managment, dame design, as well as the publishing process. Frontend was done in Unity, while backend was done in Java and uploaded to a Linux cloud server.

After the workshops, we all formed teams and got 6 months to develop our own game. I managed a team of around ten programmers, artists, and designers, along with contributing a lot of the code. We made a point and click adventure under the name of Trail, a whimsical Slavic comedy-puzzle, which can be found on my project list.

WeAreTheFutureOfIT Attendee

2019: MuleSoft Workshop

Used MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and Postman to create an API for a black-box application.

2018: Distributed App Development on Etherium Platform Workshop

Used Solidity to make a blockchain of dogs who need adoption, and made a Node site displaying the current state of the blockchain.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018 Attendee

Listened to a great lecture on generative art, cutting-edge web design features, a presentation of a robotic limb and other technologies to help the disabled in their everyday life, got an autograph from John Romero, and caught a part of Wozniak's interview despite the Universe conspiring to stop me.

Pixel Art

Recently I've taken interest in pixel art as a hobby. Click here to see some of my work!

Contact Me

Belgrade, Serbia


GitHub: https://github.com/Mentathiel

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darinkazobenica/

Telegram: https://t.me/Mentathiel